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For the woman looking to unleash the power of her sexual energy


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Sexuality is something so much deeper than just sex, sexuality is our deepest connection to self. When we learn to intertwine our energy system with our sexuality, we create an empowered way of life. Our sexual energy is a tool that can help strengthen and create clarity within us. When we begin to introduce ourselves to sacred pleasure, we start to place awareness on the signifigance of spirituality as it brings us more satisfaction and expression. 


"We imagine that the first time we have sex will be a romantically epic, ecstatic experience. We think that orgasms are the end-all be-all, and sharing them with someone is cause for celebrations. Then somehow along the line, we experience more disappointment: With love comes sorrow, and orgasm only lasts a few seconds at a time. You begin to wonder, is the all there is to life? This is a time for reflection, a time to dig deeper."
- Vanessa Cuccia 

Feminine Awakening is for you if: 
You're a woman looking to connect deeper with herself on a spiritual and sexual level. 

You desire to learn more about your chakra system and how energy flowing freely in these areas help benefit your overall health. 
You want to learn how to use crystals to enhance your pleasure and connection. 

You're ready to slow down in life in order to have things operate smoother but need help in doing so. 

You seek to unlock something more sensual within yourself and/or your 

In Feminine Awakening we will cover the following:

Week 1: The Root Chakra. Responsible for positive self image, energy, stamina, confidence and our primal instincts. 
Week 2: The Sacral Chakra. Responsible for fluidity, emotional intelligence, vitality, sexual satisfaction, compassion, bonding, and the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure and reproduction. 
Week 3: The Solar Plexus. Responsible for willpower, personal power, confidence and joyous union. 
Week 4: The Heart Chakra. Responsible for compassion, empathy, ability to surrender to sexual bliss and unconditional love.
Week 5: The Throat Chakra. Responsible for our expression, articulation, being present with self, and communication. 
Week 6: The Third Eye Chakra. Responsible for us mastering ourselves and our vision. 
Week 7: The Crown Chakra. Responsible for our spiritual connection, intuition and experiences. 


This program will begin on 11/1. Call times will be announced once enrollment closes. Calls will take place on Zoom and will be recorded. All members will receive a collection of crystals to practice with throughout the program. Communication and program support will be provided through Telegram. 

Investment Options 

Payments of $1,133

Payments of $777

Investment in Full
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