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Hi! I'm Rachel Maine!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Maines! Wish

Hi there! I am Rachel Maine, formerly known as Rachel Bucy. I was raised by my Dad in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and now reside in Rockwood, Michigan with my Husband, Danny, and our two dogs, Bane & Tater. Like most people growing up, I did what society viewed as the "right path". Graduated high school with honors, stayed out of trouble, went on to college, scored my first "real job" and then (curve ball) decided, "Nah, this isn't for me." At the age of 28, I walked away from what I thought would be my forever career to pursue my passion in life. 

From a young age I was always the type to keep busy. Whether it was playing sports and balancing friends or working multiple jobs while also in college and also working as an intern, I am the type of person that thrives on the hustle. My path of working in the field related to sexual health started when I was an intern during my BSW program at Wayne State. I worked as a survivor advocate for a non-profit called, First Step. During this time, I learned very quickly the importance of having adequate information regarding sexuality as well as the strength it took to speak up about it. My work here was extremely eye opening yet, emotionally draining. After a few years. I went on to work in healthcare research at the University of Michigan and then the Veteran's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is where I expanded my knowledge and added work with patients struggling with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, cardiac arrest, pneumonia and other critical illnesses. Talk about getting off track from your life's purpose. My life was on auto-pilot. I knew the work I was doing was valuable but I also knew deep down it wasn't something I could do for the rest of my life. 

Insert the ultimate side-gig I never imagined would change my life. In October 2014, I decided to become a Consultant with Pure Romance. Mostly for the fun but also because well, who doesn't love extra cash. After I finished doing a show, I literally felt ALIVE! I was having so much fun educating women around sexuality and felt fortunate that I could provide them valuable information while having a great time with their friends. It took me about two years to build my business and get it to a place that was profiting as much as my full time job. I realized I was able to work less hours and definitely have more fun. Throughout this time I learned more and more how little women knew about their sexual health. I wanted more knowledge for myself but more importantly, more information to give back to the people I was encountering. 


After a little bit of research I found the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program. I applied for the Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education track and started in April 2017. This program opened me up to the whole wide world of sex! I learned more about sexual dysfunctions, kink & BDSM, cultural dynamics, therapy techniques and so much more. I also met some amazing people that were already in the world spreading sex positivity. This program broadened my horizon to so many more opportunities and confirmed that the field of sexual health is where I belong. I will never forget looking around the room during orientation and thinking, "These are my people". 

Near the end of this program was when I decided to throw a curve ball at life. My Pure Romance business was thriving and I was profiting more than enough to financially support myself. My full time job was at an all time frustrating and emotionally draining high. While I was earning a great salary and full benefits, I ultimately decided that my happiness is worth more to me than a paycheck. I left my full time job to make Pure Romance my main source of income and try my hand in private practice as a sex therapist. 

I joined the private therapy practice, Dream Catchers in October, 2017. My case load grew very quickly. Call after call for individuals and couples seeking help with their intimate lives. I am truly grateful for every person I have had the honor of working with, I continued to learn more about people's experiences with sex. My clients keep me on my toes and I am continuously reminded that not every sexual story starts the same. 


In 2019, I started the next chapter of my sex positive journey, Wellness Sexpertise! I am so excited to say that Wellness Sexpertise is my very own company that I get to combine all my past work in to one place. Best of all, I get to do it while living life on my terms and being my true, authentic self! My vision for Wellness Sexpertise is being able to reach more people through online programs designed to help them explore their sexuality. Long term, I look forward to holding in person workshops and traveling the world to deliver speeches spreading education on sexual health and wellness. 

Currently, I work as a sex coach and educator through an online platform. I hold free workshops and masterclasses as well as offer group coaching programs and individual coaching- both of which help you discover what bring you pleasure so you can live a more fulfilled sexual life! Check out the programs tab to see what's coming up next for you! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to working with you and making this world more sex positive! 

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