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5 Ways to Get the Foreplay You Crave
Description: This is designed for the woman looking to create more intimate moments with her partner. The workbook walks you through figuring out what your turn on and turn offs are so that you're set up for the connection you desire. Then I share my top 5 tips for foreplay and end with showing you how to fit them in your day to day life.
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Relationship Regroup 
Description: My BEST tool for couples. If you are feeling like you're constantly trying to play catch up in your 
relationship, not feeling on the same page, or are even wanting to add more adventure to it then this is the thing for you. The Relationship Regroup takes you and your partner through what I believe to be the foundational pillars of every relationship: intimacy, finances, social and home life. Each week you will carve out time to check in with each other, ask for the support you need, share love and gratitude for each other and so much more. This tool has helped my marriage tremendously and I only hope it will do the same for you and yours. 


Want, Will, Won't List
Description: This list is designed to walk you through the pleasures that you desire and also want to avoid. The list starts mild and gets spicy as you continue on. You will go through this and list each item as either a will do, want to do or won't do from the perspective as both a receiver and a giver. By the end of it, you will have the map directly to your intimate desires and boundaries. This is a great if you are single or in a relationship. 

Step by Step Guide & Meditation for Self Pleasure
Description: Knowing your body and where to begin is a great place to start when it comes to your own self pleasure. Often times we aren't sure how to get ourselves in the mood, how to begin the touch, or even what tools to use.
This guide walks you through setting the scene and how to begin your body exploration.
Accompanied with a guided meditation in which you can listen to
as a way to connect deeper with yourself and your pleasure. 

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Consultation Call 
Description: These calls are for individuals/couples seeking more information about the coaching services I offer. If you're feeling called to start doing this work to help improve your sexual confidence, relationship and/or sex life,I'd love to connect and discuss how I may be able to help.