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So you want to learn how to improve your
self pleasure practice...

How to Flick the Bean & the Peen



  • How to Flick the Bean & the Peen Masterclass Recording 

  • Top 5 Tips for Hand Jobs Worksheet 

  • 31 Ways to Switch Up Your Masturbation Ritual 

  • A Guided Masturbation Meditation Audio 

  • 10% savings discount on toys and lubes 

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Rachel Maine and Rachael Zevecke are two sex coaches that specialize in pleasure. Rachel has worked with thousands of women to help enhance their sexual pleasure and get the most of their experiences. Rachael Z, a former sex worker, specializes in tantric penis massage and teaches men how to pleasure theirselves in a deeper, connected way. The techniques being shared in this Masterclass can be applied to yourself or to better pleasure your partner. 

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We aim to please & we certainly succeeded! 

“How did I not know this?!” I literally learned so much in the masterclass!” I thought I knew my vag, but I was wrong! The ladies did a wonderful job explaining everything and demonstrating what they were talking about; which is fabulous for a visual learner like myself. After the class I ran straight to my husband to give him a hand job! So excited to have this new found knowledge!”

- Michelle 

"The Flick the Bean & the Peen masterclass with Rachel Maine and Rachael Zevecke was incredible! We learned so many new techniques that I can’t wait to try. They both are so knowledgeable and made it FUN! Great place to start for someone new or someone with experience wanting all the tips & tricks! Highly recommend 😉

- Marissa 

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