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Discover Your Sex Life
Connecting your past to the present and
creating a pleasurable future.


Most people aren't completely satisfied with the sex they're currently having (or not having). 
It's time to CHANGE THAT. 

When working with clients individually, one of the first exercises I have them complete is their sex timeline. Thinking back to the very first time you remember hearing about sex, learning about self pleasure, having your early sexual experiences, etc. All of these things shape the sexual person you are today. 

If you're someone that experiences low sexual desire, the sex timeline can give insight as to why that may be. If you're having pain during sex that is unrelated to anything physical, your sex timeline can give us guidance as to why. If you're having difficulty achieving orgasms during sex, if you're uncomfortable voicing your desires, if you're experiencing shame or guilt around pleasure... you guessed it, the sex timeline can help. 

The guide itself is extremely helpful for people to go through. In most cases, we aren't thinking back to our earlier sexual experiences, we are focusing on the present problems. Once you've completed your timeline is when things really start to become clear. Having the eyes of a sex coach and educator on your personal story allows insight to be shared from a new perspective. 

With this offer you will receive the Creating Your Sex Timeline Guide and after completion have a 1 hour Clarity Call with me via Zoom for us to dive into it. I will offer insight and solutions to the challenges you're 
facing in your current sex life. I'm delighted to offer you this tool as a way to start looking differently at your sexuality and to see what's possible. 

Discover Your Sex Life
Connecting your past to the present and 
creating a pleasurable future



  • The guide to Creating Your Sex Timeline

  • 1 clarity call on Zoom for 1 hour 

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