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Ready to start living a life with more pleasure?

Most women are taught to view pleasure and sex through a taboo lens. We're shamed for not having enough sex and we're shamed for having too much sex. Then when we try to start exploring ourselves we feel this sense of guilt or dirtiness. Sound like your story too?

You're NOT alone. 



It's time to change the game. It's time to reclaim your sexuality and take ownership of your pleasure. 

This is why I created Sexual Confidence Academy. It's is for the woman looking to confidently understand & create more pleasure in her life. My mission for our time together is to provide you with the knowledge and support needed in order for you to have the sexual life you desire.

Discover your desires, own your pleasure, & enhance your relationship in six weeks!

Rachel's program helped me realize that I was letting things get in the way of intimacy, and see how important intimacy is in my marriage versus just having sex because he asked. I am more confident in myself which allows me to be more intimate with my hubs.  


Rachel’s coaching helped me better understand what I want sexually and how to open up about it. She also helped me understand that I need to take time for JUST me at times, even if it’s something as simple as doing my makeup. Self care is important. 

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What You'll Do During
Sexual Confidence 

Discover exactly what is going to unlock your sexual desire and spark arousal for YOU

Grow through the challenges you've been facing so that there's nothing in the way of you owning your pleasure

Uncover the confidence and tools needed to communicate your wants and needs with your partner- inside and outside of the bedroom

Develop more confidence in your body & mind to create the sexual confidence you've been craving

What's Included?

  • Five group coaching calls with Rachel live via Zoom

  • Bonding with some kick ass women who are as ready as you are to create a life filled with sexual confidence & pleasure


  • Access to resources & handouts to provide additional support needed


  • Ongoing communication through a secure app


Next Steps &
What's to Follow

Upon enrollment, you’ll be sent an email with the link to our zoom calls and a link to our secure communication app. 

One last thing before you go.

Sexual confidence looks differently for every person.

As someone who's been on her own journey of sexual confidence, I've seen first hand what it's done for my confidence and my marriage.

I want to help you create the life and level of sexual confidence you desire so you can live more satisfied & fulfilled.

If that sounds good to you- then click below and let's do the damn thing!