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Ready to start living life with more confidence?

Most women are taught to view pleasure and sex through a taboo lens and were never given adequate information around how and why our sexual bodies operate the way they do. We're shamed for not having enough sex and we're shamed for having too much sex. When we then try to start exploring ourselves we may feel this sense of guilt or dirtiness set in. It feels so strong that it then gets in the way of us enjoying sex with the ones we love deeply. Sound like your story too? You're NOT alone. 



It's time to begin your journey. It's time to claim your sexuality and take ownership of your pleasure. In Sexual Confidence Academy you're going to become the woman that's in tune with her body and radiates confidence in all areas of life. 

You may have tried the fun creams, the bedroom toys, and maybe even scheduling sex with your partner, but still when it comes to go time you just can't get in the mood. You feel broken, you feel like something is wrong with you, you start to feel disconnected from your partner and even worse, yourself. My promise to you is to help you understand where your values and beliefs around sex and pleasure stem from and provide you with the tools & support needed in order for you to have the sexual confidence you desire. Things like this are not a one size fits all which is why this program takes you on a self-guided journey to owning your sexual self. By the end of this program you will have gained the knowledge of knowing exactly who you are and how you operate; and have a variety of tools to orchestrate your sexual confidence. 

A journey through discovering the ins and outs of your sexual confidence, at your own pace

Rachel's program helped me realize that I was letting things get in the way of intimacy, and see how important intimacy is in my marriage versus just having sex because he asked. I am more confident in myself which allows me to be more intimate with my hubs.  



Rachel’s coaching helped me better understand what I want sexually and how to open up about it. She also helped me understand that I need to take time for JUST me at times, even if it’s something as simple as doing my makeup. Self care is important. 



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What You'll Do During
Sexual Confidence 

Discover exactly how to unlock your sexual confidence and spark arousal for YOU

Grow through the challenges you've been facing and start building and applying the tools to solve them

Uncover the confidence and tools needed to communicate your wants and needs- inside and outside of the bedroom

Develop a better understanding 
and connection to your body & mind to create th
e sexual confidence you've been craving

My Story 
Over 8 years ago, I remember sitting in my living room apartment. I was all snuggled up in the recliner, watching my Thursday night shows with Christmas lights sparkling all around me. I could feel the cold December air coming through the sliding balcony door as I hear the apartment door unlock. In walks my boyfriend at the time. He leans over the couch across from me and begins to explain that our relationship has come to an end and he will be moving out in the next week or so. My body froze, I could feel a lump building in my throat and anger rising inside me yet, I was speechless. I had never felt so blindsided in my life. I had never felt so small, so alone. While this was one of the toughest times of my life, it was also a monumental moment for me

This situation forced me to start looking within. I had to dig deep and figure out who I wanted to be without anyone else around me clouding my judgement. The truth of that relationship was, deep down I wasn't happy and I knew it wasn't going in the direction I'd hoped for. Yet, I didn't have enough strength or confidence in myself to end it. I got through this time by strengthening my friendships, making healthier choices, investing in self care and most of all- lots and lots of self pleasure! I got clear on who I wanted to be and started treating myself the way I deserved. By gaining this confidence in myself, I paved the way for the love of my life to find his way to me. For the past 8 years, I've continued to work on my self confidence, and it has shown up not only in my marriage but also my career, friendships, decision making, and so much more. I am proof that when you start embracing your sexual confidence it begins showing up in other areas of you life. When you decide to invest in Sexual Confidence Academy, you will have access to all the things that have helped me get to where I am now. 

What's Included?

  • Creating Your Sex Timeline Worksheet

  • 10 self-paced modules jam packed with tools and information to develop your sexual confidence​


  • Multiple resources & handouts to support you through this journey

  • Facebook community support with myself and other SCA members​

  • Lifetime access to Sexual Confidence Academy to rewatch as needed

  • Bonus- Free access to How to Create the Sex Life You Both Crave Masterclass 


What others have said 

Self-pleasure has not been a thing in my life for over 8 years due to a past sexual assault. Now, I am learning about myself, my desires and learning to communicate with my partner what I want.


I love Rachel’s energy, passion, and knowledge. Her openness creates a safe space where you feel that you can say anything in her presence. Her knowledge is amazing and I know she could help guide me through any of my questions or struggles.


It helped me better understand what I want and opening up about it. It also helped me understand I need to take time for me even if its something as simply as doing my makeup.


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Your Investment Options: 


1 payment of $999 and receive this coffee mug!


2 Monthly Payments of $525

One last thing before you go.

Sexual confidence looks differently for every person.

As someone who's been on her own journey, I've seen first hand what it's done for my marriage, friendships, family and career.

I want to help you create the life you desire so you can live a more confident, satisfied & fulfilled life.

If that sounds good to you- then click below and let's do the damn thing! 


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