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Connected Couple 


I thought Danny and I were connected before and then we did a couples coaching program. Connected Couple is a program we've put together to share all of our knowledge and resources with you and the best part- we are teaming up to deliver it together. As a sex and relationship coach, naturally my Husband is exposed to all kinds of interesting things and last year he started his own journey of self discovery.

For the past 10 years we've not only expanded our expertise in our relationship but we've also been able to create a  deeply connected & intimate marriage


A lot of couples seem to fall in to some sort of relationship rut. The time it takes for that auto-pilot feeling to kick in is different for every couple and how that feeling shows up is going to look differently for each couple. What I've found since doing this work is that things can change- it's up to YOU to decide what that change is going to look like. So now it's just a matter of asking yourself- how do you want your relationship to look? 

Connected Couple is a program in which you can expect to learn more about yourself and your partner than you could have ever imagined. Something transformational happens when you decide to allow yourself to be vulnerable and share within this type of container.
We'll be teaching you our best tools to help couples connect deeply both 
inside and outside the bedroom. While this course will focus mainly on intimate connections,
I'm here to remind you that intimacy can show up in many forms

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What You'll Do During
The Connected Couple Program  

Get clear on the things you want within your relationship- emotionally, physically, & sexually.

Join other couples who have the desire to create an epic relationship, just like you.

Learn how to effectively speak with one another in a way that you're both able to hear and engage in conversations.

Create a new level of intimacy in your relationship that fulfills the level of connection you've been craving.


If you're ready to step up your couples game to include more connection, better communication and create the sex life you both crave then this program is for you. Transform your relationship by becoming
The Connected Couple. If you have questions and want to chat with us before making you're decision, please use the link below to set up a call. 

What's Included?

  • weeks of fun, connection and relationship growth with Rachel and Danny 

  • One weekly live two-hour interactive call. These are so fun and what we would consider a guided date night. 

  • 24/7 exclusive communication via a private Telegram text thread. 

  • Priority access to and discounts on future Wellness Sexpertise Inc. offerings. 


  • When does the program start?

Our first call will be February 13th, 2024.

  • When will the calls be?

The group calls will be Tuesday's from 6-8 pm EST.- Save these dates now: 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26. 

  • Will the calls be recorded?

Yes! The calls will be recorded and available to watch whenever your hearts desire. 

  • Are there payment plans available? 

Definitely! I know it may not be manageable to pay in full so I've offered for you to pay in 3 payments. 

  • What if my partner and I are long distance?

That's ok! The calls will take place on Zoom so you can join from anywhere. 

  • What results can my partner and I expect to get from this program?

You can expect to have a deeper connection with one another that you didn't even know was possible. Also, a better understanding of the needs within your couple and how to meet them. Through the exercises and content we'll be delivering you'll feel seen and be able to create the intimate life you both desire. 

Here's what previous clients have said

Rachel's coaching helped me realize that I was letting things get in the way of intimacy, and see how important intimacy is in my marriage versus just having sex because my Husband asked. I am more confident in myself which allows me to be more intimate with my him.  


I love Rachel’s energy, passion, and knowledge.  Her openness creates a safe space where you feel that you can say anything in her presence.  Her knowledge is amazing and I know she could help guide me through any of my questions or struggles.


Are you ready
to add more
fun, adventure
& connection to your relationship?


We're in, Rachel!
Let's do the damn thing! 

Pay in Full 
(Get the most savings! )

3 monthly payments


I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Courtney C. Stevens,
"If nothing changes, nothing changes".
Decide now that it's time for a change, your relationship is worth it.  

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