Who is this for?

This 8 week sex coaching program is designed for women looking to kickstart their desire and experience more sexual pleasure. This program will leave you with a new understanding and love for yourself and you will be able to take what you've learned and share it within your relationship to create a stronger, more intimate connection. 

What will the program do?

  • Sexual health education in a way that allows you to better understand your body and the way it works

  • Develop confidence in your body & mind and create the sexual confidence you've been wanting

  • Decrease any shame or guilt associated with your thoughts and beliefs around sexual pleasure

  • Receive handouts and guidance to help you create the next chapter of your sexual self 

  • Be part of an empowering group of women who have experienced similar struggles as you and want more pleasure in their life 

What's included?

  • Four self paced modules to provide education about desire, confidence, pleasure & communication

  • Two zoom calls as a group and two individual calls with me

  • Handouts throughout as well as support anytime through WhatsApp and our private Facebook group


What's next?

If this sounds like something you're ready to start the next step is to set up your call with me to begin enrollment! I can't wait to start working with you to create your next level sexual self. 🖤

Coaching Programs!

Awakening Your Desire Within
Next Program Coming in Spring 2021


 Struggling to find time for foreplay and
feel like you're desire is completely gone?
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