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Sexual Confidence Academy is a self-paced journey every woman deserves to take. This program helps you understand how your sexual life was shaped and gives you the tools to create more pleasure in your life. 

What's included: 

  • 10 Self-paced modules accompanied by homework & support materials

  • Facebook community support with myself & other SCA members

  • Monthly Q & A Live inside Facebook group  

  • Lifetime access to program and all materials 

  • BONUS- Free access to How to Create the Sex Life You Both Crave Masterclass


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Rachel Maine and Rachael Zevecke are share their top tips for female and male sexual pleasure. For vulvas- we focus on both external and internal pleasure and for penises- we focus on hand jobs for pleasure. Using the tips in this Masterclass is bound to bring you more excitement within your own self pleasure practices as well as blow your partners mind during your next bedroom encounter. If you're wanting sex education that includes pleasure and humor- this $29 Masterclass is for YOU! 

What's included: 

  • Replay of the How to Flick the Bean & the Peen Masterclass 

  • Top 5 Tips for Hand Jobs Worksheet 

  • 31 Ways to Switch Up Your Masturbation Ritual 

  • A Guided Masturbation Meditation Audio 

  • 10% savings discount on toys and lubes 

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This Masterclass walks you through my version one of my favorite intimacy tools called the Want, Will, Won't List. It's not until you fully understand the list and allow yourself the time to complete it that it finally makes sense. 


When you're able to fully engage in this exercise it allows you to identify what you want sexually, what you're willing to do to provide your partner pleasure & what you won't do. It also provides you with an opportunity to talk about sex and intimacy and move on to create EPIC date nights and sexual connections.

What's included: 

  • Recorded training walking you through the WWW list 

  • Printable version of the WWW list and accompanying Epic Date Night handout

  • 2 bonus resources to enhance your findings 

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Private coaching is for individuals or couples wanting to dive in on more deep rooted challenges regarding their relationship. This will be tailored specifically to the individual/couples goals for their partnership. 

What's included:

  • Meet 12 times via Zoom over the course of 3 months 

  • Private support through Voxer

  • Resources and handouts to provide additional support as needed 

  • Insurance reimbursement or HSA/FSA accounts accepted** 

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Use the link below to set up a time for us to connect and see if this is a good fit. 


The Connected Couple is a program for couples looking to become clear on their desires, learn how to communicate effectively and create the intimate life they crave. 

Getting in a relationship rut can happen quick and this program is designed to help avoid that rut and keep the intimacy not only alive & fun, but something you look forward to each day. 

What's included?

  • 6 group calls and 1 individual call 

  • ​Supporting resources and handouts 

  • Community support through secure messaging app 


What's next?

Use the link below to join the waitlist! Next program begins 2022.